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We defy reality by pushing the bounds of virtual, augmented
and mixed reality technologies.

We are an Extended Reality developer of entertainment software located in Los Angeles, CA. We strive to have an open, diverse, and outgoing culture that’s associated with smaller companies.

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Our extended reality solutions are entertaining, intuitive, and innovative by design. We value motivation, trust, commitment, loyalty and having fun. From video games to mental health solutions, XzoltaR Studios has one motto:

“Your Wish Is Granted!”

2B3D Builder | VR World Builder

2B3D Builder
VR World Builder

2B3D Worlds | VR Storefronts, Worlds, and Navigations

2B3D Worlds
VR Storefronts and Navigation

Super Nova VR Rhythm Game

Super Nova is a story-driven VR rhythm game inspired by Parappa the Rapper.
The game aims to stir nostalgia within old fans but also allow all music game fans to enjoy the genre.


An LCAD and USC VR game

In Super Nova, you are being chased by a mysterious Super Sport ‘69 Chevy Nova, and to survive, you must explore a musical world and win deadly rap battles. Why is this car chasing you? As you escape murderous pursuit, you uncover more questions than answers. Are you being hunted by a malicious antagonist who drives a ‘69 Nova dubbed “Mr. Boom”, or is the car itself alive, killing anyone and destroying anything in its path to slay you? Star in this Hip-Hop music video set in a bizarre, futuristic world, and find out the truth behind the distortions you face.

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VR Therapy for PTSD

VetRn Lodge

We understand post-traumatic stress disorder because our organization is owned and operated by veterans and we are dedicated to helping fellow vets find peace through virtual reality technology. We have created personalized virtual environments that service members and veterans can access from anywhere in the world to play games, connect with loved ones, or meet with mental health professionals in times of need. VetRn Lodge is specifically designed for the veteran community and their families, to strengthen, heal, and entertain.

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Based on more than 25 years of scientific studies

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, video games can help Veterans recover from mental health challenges.

Slide Find peace in more than 20 high-res environments

“Games and virtual reality can change peoples lives, teach skills and bring loved ones together, more power to VetRn Lodge.”

- Sandy Applegate - MFA Chair, LCAD

VR Navigation Maps

2B3D, a highly detailed, interactive VR Digital World

Easily navigate our 3D worlds and find your friends along the way with a diegetic world navigation system. Use our platform to customize your environment in our VR world builder. Immerse yourself in highly detailed worlds with 2B3D, all of our technology is being built upon the new Unreal Engine 5.

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