XzoltaR Studios announces strategic alliance with Forge Forward Project

XzoltaR Studios announces strategic alliance with Forge Forward Project

Bric Photo

Bric Simpson, Utah Army National Guard recruiter and Founder of Forge Forward Project.

For National Veterans and Military Families Month, XzoltaR Studios is thrilled to announce a strategic alliance with the Forge Forward Project, a Utah-based nonprofit dedicated to saving veteran lives.

“As a recruiter, I love ensuring the success of everyone I bring into the Utah Army National Guard and now, I can make sure they’re successful after the military,” said Bric Simpson, Founder of the Forge Forward Project. “We believe that adversity doesn’t define you, it refines you—if you let it.”

The Forge Forward Project believes in forging powerful support communities in order to transform military, law enforcement and emergency responders into something unbreakable. They hone every individual through innovative wilderness therapy and now, cutting-edge virtual reality technology.

VetRn Lodge | Man Cave Environment

Actual gameplay screenshot from the “Man Cave” environment of XzoltaR Studios’ VetRn Lodge.

“For those who have sacrificed to secure our rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, we provide career and life counseling, rehabilitation, and a path to Forge Forward,” Simpson said.

Veterans who have seen combat or feel isolated are the most vulnerable to thoughts of suicide. XzoltaR believes there is no acceptable amount of loss when it comes to veteran suicide.

“Aligning ourselves with an organization like Forge Forward, who is hell-bent on helping service members with PTSD, is something we’re all proud of. We all look forward to seeing this relationship develop. As we say, ‘Your wish is granted!’”said Eugene Haynes, president of XzoltaR Studios
Vincent "Rocco" Vargas | Drill Sergeant

Vincent "Rocco" Vargas, Chief Life Officer of XzoltaR Studios.

“XzoltaR Studios’ strategic alliance with the Forge Forward Project will ensure that we impact immediate, positive change in the lives of veterans who are struggling the most” said Vincent "Rocco" Vargas, Chief Life Officer of XzoltaR Studios and star of the hit FX show Mayans MC. “By providing free access to VetRn Lodge we will literally save lives.”

In an open clinical trial of VR therapy by the Office of Naval Research, 45 percent of those treated for PTSD no longer screened positive for PTSD, and 62 percent had reliably improved. Additionally, the Department of Veteran Affairs found that video games can help in overcoming such problems as PTSD and substance abuse disorders.