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We understand post-traumatic stress disorder because our organization is owned and operated by veterans and we are dedicated to helping fellow vets find peace through virtual reality technology. We have created personalized virtual environments that service members and veterans can access from anywhere in the world to play games, connect with loved ones, or meet with mental health professionals in times of need. VetRn Lodge is specifically designed for the veteran community and their families, to strengthen, heal and entertain.

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Over 25 Years of Scientific Research

VR therapy is the use of VR technology for psychological or therapeutic rehabilitation. The Office of Naval Research believes this type of therapy, with its video game-like qualities, will resonate well with the current generation of warfighters. According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, video games can help Veterans recover from mental health challenges.

  • In some studies, Virtual reality therapy reduced stress response measurements by 56-90 percent.
  • Studies have shown that video games not only help veterans with managing moods and stress, but also help in three other aspects of recovery: adaptive coping (e.g. distraction, control, symptom substitution); eudaimonic wellbeing (confidence, insight, role functioning); and socializing (participation, support, brotherhood).
  • In an open clinical trial of VR therapy, 45 percent of those treated for PTSD no longer screened positive for PTSD, and 62 percent had reliably improved.
  • Additionally, VR therapy has been used to manage pain during rehabilitation. Veterans have reported experiencing.

What Makes Us Unique


We understand PTSD because our organization is owned and operated by veterans and we are dedicated to helping other vets find peace through virtual reality technology. We developed VetRn Lodge to be more than just a portal to access VR therapy. This is where veterans can rally, regroup, play games, and spend time with friends and family, no matter where they are in the world.

We built each virtual environment with veterans in mind using the most advanced technology in the world, Unreal Engine 5. From the serene beaches of paradise to the crackling fires of a viking longhouse, veterans will be able to find peace in their own personalized environment.


A Virtual AI Friend to Help with PTSD

Vincent “Rocco” Vargas has partnered with VetRn Lodge to help his fellow veterans. Before he starred in the hit FX series Mayans M.C., he was a U.S. Army Ranger and a drill sergeant. Using advanced 3D facial mapping and studio voice recordings, he will help guide veterans along the path to healing as a virtual AI friend they recognize and trust.

VR succeeds where video conference calls fail. Veterans can reach out to mental health professionals using a customized avatar for more personalized online interactions.

VetRn Lodge is only the beginning. We are developing innovative VR software and services intended to enrich all online experiences. 2B3D Pangea is a virtual environment where internet users can visit storefronts and interact with businesses in real-time.


Features of VetRn Lodge

Find peace in more than 20 high-res environments

VR World Builder

Access to mental health professionals from anywhere in the world

Immersive experiences with friends and families

Music and rhythm games

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