About Us

Wisdom from the XzoltaR

XzoltaR Studios is an Extended Reality developer of entertainment software located in Dallas, TX. We strive to have an open and outgoing culture that’s associated with smaller companies.

At XzoltaR Studios

Our vision is to lead in the creation of fun and innovative XR game solutions that enable our customers to enjoy a different level of gaming.

A fun and collaborative culture.

Entertainment is the front and center throughout the company vision, including at the company headquarters in Denver, CO. The company’s six core values of motivation, trust, employee engagement, commitment, loyalty and fun games are internally-facing. These are important tools for bringing employees together across every level of the business.

We are strong advocates of living the company’s core values because it’s all of us that make company as a whole. At XzoltaR, the whole company is the “Game Designer”.

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